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New Construction Termite Services

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Termites will quickly infest newly constructed homes due to the fresh wood and sawdust around. We provide a fast acting termite pre-treatment that will create a barrier for your new home and eliminate the threat of a termite infestation. New constructions are targeted by these dangerous predators. Often, there is no evidence until it is too late. These termites work 24 hours a day in underground colonies to destroy your home from the inside out.

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Termidor Certified Professional

Termidor is America's #1 Termite Defense Product. And Frontier Termite & Pest Services is Central Texas' Termidor Certified Professional. Termidor utilizes a revolutionary non-repellent, or "undetectable" chemical technology which termites can't see, taste, smell or avoid. Termidor continues to prove itself at being a fast and effective method of eliminating termites.

Smart Builders Choose Frontier Termite & Pest Services on All New Construction

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Fast acting pre-treatment creates a barrier for termites and wood destroying insects.

Safeguard your property and investment.

Pre-treatment for termites is attractive to both brokers and buyers so you can sell your property fast.

Keep Your New Construction Safe
With Frontier Termite & Pest Services

If you see the following signs in your house, you might have termites.
Email or Call (512) 912-6700 Frontier today for an expert evaluation. 

• sawdust-like droppings
• dirt or mud-like tubes or trails on the structure
• damaged wood members (like window sills)
• swarming winged insects within the structure, especially in the spring or fall